A note on COVID-19 and our products

Our Brand's Beliefs

Tallix’s mission is to transform the mundane face mask into a luxurious personal accessory that is the expression of elegance and sophistication.

Unyielding Quality
Each Tallix luxury face mask is created with only the finest quality materials available, hand-selected, and hand-woven following an intricate procedure. 

Exceptional Care
Our luxury face masks are the embodiment of a designer’s dream to intertwine couture and care for others in the most elegant, sophisticated and, particularly important, unassailable secure way.

Perpetual Innovation
Luxurious, breathable fabrics are at the crux of our design process and we are relentless in developing high-end creative designs.

Outstanding Customer Attention
Our allegiance is to our customers, their comfort, and their sense of style, aiming to fulfill their needs with elegance, sophistication, and flawless attention.