Designer Luxury Face Masks

Spring/Summer 2020

Tallix offers the first and only luxury anti-pollution face mask, each constructed with the finest quality materials. Individually hand sewn, each mask is a statement that says you’ll take nothing but the best. These medical-grade masks filter against pm2.5 and other harmful particulates while also protecting you from cold and flu germs.

Incredibly comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. Unforgettable colors and styles. Delicate and bold trims. From crimson satin to pale lace, our line of women’s masks offer a fresh, tactile innovation on an accessory that is essential to today’s urban healthy lifestyle.

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Each Tallix face mask comes with six removable filtration liners, with additional anti-pollution liners are available for purchase. The masks also come with a beautiful carrying case perfect for travel. All materials are sourced in France and Italy and we only use the highest quality, breathable fabrics and the most luxurious trims.