Designer Luxury Face Masks

Spring/Summer 2020

Welcome to the Tallix line of luxury face masks, designed to protect the wearer against air pollution with more style and comfort than ever before possible. Featuring sleek, modern designs, our masks are constructed with high quality silks and satins. The smooth fabrics provide an attractive look while the simple shape delivers masculine practicality.

Tallix masks are everything you want and need: stylish, comfortable, effective. Also protective against cold and flu germs, the Tallix masks offer on-the-go health benefits with incredible comfort and handsome, luxurious style.

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Our Tallix face masks come with six removable liners, with additional air pollution filtration liners available for purchase on our website. The fabrics and trims used in our masks are sourced from France and Italy. All fabrics are soft and breathable. A carrying case included with each mask is perfect for travel.